New tools aim to bridge the gap between boomer volunteers and organizations Volunteer Canada launched two new interactive tools f or use by baby boomers and organizations interested in engaging boomer volunteers. The tools are designed to address the gaps identified in the Bridging the Gap research report, between what baby boomers look for in volunteer opportunities, and what organizations currently offer.

The first tool, titled Transitions, Milestones and Legacies Retirement Planning Module on Volunteering, highlights the benefits of volunteering as part of a robust retirement plan. The tool allows retired persons and those approaching retirement to discover volunteer opportunities that best suit their motivations and life circumstances.

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The second tool, titled Building Blocks for Boomer Volunteer Engagement, describes the characteristics of baby boomers and highlights the opportunities and barriers to their engagement. Building Blocks provides organizations with strategies and resources for the effective engagement and retention of baby boomer volunteers. Click here to view and download the Building Blocks tool on

New Fact Sheet Identifies Behaviours and Characteristics of Boomer Volunteer Engagement

As part of the Building the Bridge campaign, Volunteer Canada is creating a series of four fact sheets examining the behaviours and characteristics of four distinct demographic groups identified in the Bridging the Gap research: youth, baby boomers, families, and employer -supported volunteers. The latest fact sheet on baby boomer volunteers launched today. The fact sheet identifies the unique characteristics of boomer volunteers, and outlines barriers and opportunities to their engagement.

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