Volunteer Canada

At Volunteer Canada, we encourage all Canadians to get involved in their communities and we work with all types of organizations to engage today’s volunteers. Our expertise is backed by original research, practical knowledge, and our unique network of insight, which includes a broad range of organizations, from individuals to small volunteer centres to national corporations with thousands of staff.  The organization is committed to strengthening Canadian society and improving the quality of life by doing everything possible to inspire Canadians to give back.

Volunteer Canada is responsible, along with Manulife, both for the groundbreaking Bridging the Gap research report and the national Get Volunteering campaign. Thanks to the valuable findings of Bridging the Gap, more Canadians than ever will be able to find ideal volunteer opportunities, and have access to resources that will help them make the most of those opportunities.

Volunteer Canada would, of course, be thrilled if you decide to be one of them.

You can learn more at our website.


Manulife believes that we all have a stake in the future of Canada.

That’s why they’re so committed to inspiring you to volunteer, because every hour given by a volunteer helps us build a stronger tomorrow. Inspired by the community work of their employees, Manulife commissioned a landmark report, in partnership with Volunteer Canada, that revealed what people want from volunteering.

This led the partnership to create an online Matching Tool that pairs your unique skills, interests and talents to the volunteer opportunity that you’ll find most rewarding.

Manulife is confident that their efforts will inspire volunteers to think about what volunteerism can and does mean to Canada, and to encourage them to find their own volunteer opportunity.

Manulife is helping Volunteer Canada harness the spirit of volunteerism to help build a better future for all Canadians.

To learn more, visit Manulife’s volunteering page.